she is just beautiful!

I heard she’s part angel

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sass-palace asked:
Write 10 facts about yourself then pass this along to 10 of your favorite followers.

Yo this was so long ago but ok

1. Every time I walk up//down stairs I count every step.
2. I talk to myself a lot, as if I’m getting interviewed about my life.
3. I’m half Belizean/half Ethiopian/all cute
4. I’m a Very a Messy Gross girl! The type to throw dishes away bc I refused to clean them for months I’m not kidding!
5. I love to watch baking videos on YouTube. My favorite is Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio pls subscribe!
6. Gosh 10 is a lot
7. When I was younger I had to wear corrective headgear for my horrible overbite I kid you not
8. 10 is way too much
9. I can’t do winged eyeliner for the life of me. I try like once every two months and it almost always ends in tears.
10. Used to have long green hair but then I went corporate.

Dang I did it!

I’m Officially Back on Tumblr dot com

Today at work I turned in my assignments late and got a call from the shop telling me my car is a “total loss” (aka totaled) but I’m ignoring that and trying to channel positive vibes.
It’s kinda working as long as I don’t think.


im such a catfish. i hate it. im just photogenic probably but then irl i look like the grandpa emoji

Omg I’m truly a catfish too

I rEFUSE to do the 6 selfies tag now bc everyone is way hot„!!!



6 pictures of myself since gringatears tagged me in that thing




Update: I got my $200 deposit in the mail so I think I’ll use the money to buy tix to see Beyonce & Jay Z and a haircut.

This upcoming week is the last week of my intense 6 month internship. It’s been the absolute hardest 6 months of my personal life and it made it really hard to perform to my best ability. The other day one of my advisors made a comment that I’d been “low energy” recently but I didn’t tell her it’s probably bc I don’t ever have days off work and I crashed my car the day before.
My graduation is Friday and I just found out none of my work will be screened at the showcase probably. They’re showing two (or three) of this other girl’s work and that makes me bummed. Last night I had a dream/nightmare that my exit interview (on Wed) went horribly.
I hope I’m wrong.



Almost broke ya boy legs

I’m here for ole boy laughing lmao